Design Your Future Australia provides a number of services that we all need at some point in our lives and our aim is to support peoples ability to choose their goals, design their employment and/or education pathways and take action with confidence to make changes in their lives.


Your service options range from internal staff support and up-skilling through to individualised services for your Participants and/or Community Members.

Some Services Include:

  • “Individualised Employment and Education Pathway” design, development and first step implementation
  • Initial interviewing – prior to funded program participation enrolment
  • Micro Learning Workshops – Life Skills and Foundations
  • LMS Development – Provide tailored activities for your Participants
  • Specifically designed workshops for your needs!
  • Become a Referral Partner and reach more Outcomes!

AND More….

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We tailor our services to meet your needs as an individual and support you to implement the changes you choose to make. Life is not always straight forward and our Pathways need to take detours. The trick is… to be prepared for change.

  • Not sure what career you want? – Contact Us and find the right Pathway!
  • Wondering, IF you need to get a qualification? Lets make sure first!
  • Struggling for Idea’s – We love to be creative and help match your goals to your dreams!
  • Feeling unsure that you have the skills to reach your goals! No worries, we will assist you to self-identify your  strengths and TRANSFERABLE skills!
  • Confused by to many options!
  • Would you Like to gain more control of the direction of your life?
  • Are you in need of a support network?
  • Would you like to reach some or all of your goals?

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Workshops That Don't Make You Want to Sleep!

We have watched multiple groups achieve more with less stress than individuals going it alone. Success is in the connections and knowledge of each individual within a group. Positive experience that translate to our every day lives, improve our resilience and help us to succeed.

Our Workshops can be adjusted for different purposes from community delivery to corporate outcome focuses. We run small workshops for life and foundations skills, for example:

  • Resume Writing
  • Succession Planning
  • Time Management
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • How to follow up after apply for a position

AND Many More…

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We often hear the phrase “Our Youth are Our Future” and they are! Although with the increasing amount of options and choices the world is providing to our people; it is increasing the confusion and pressures felt by our youth.

We work with multiple organisations with complementary services to support a individualised narrowing of options or choices for a youth member, making each step forward less daunting. We apply action plans that are supported and monitored to assist in their personal development of self-management and self-discipline skills. We incorporate education, employment and social activities which in combination with other external supports encourages re-engagement.

Most successes can only be reached by adjusting our perspectives and attitude! The combination of individualised services provide by Design Your Future Australia are delivered in a fun and appropriate manner for each age group.

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